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7 Videos for Motivation

Hi PT’s, I’ve decided to give you guys a little gift and group together to best motivation videos that I can find. Bookmark this page and get a boost the next time you need that almighty kick up the proverbial. Enjoy!

1. I Will Make It


2. Why Do We Fall


4. Remember Why You Started


6.Pep Talk From Kid President

7. Any Given Sunday



Are you in doubt about which Personal Trainer Course is right for you?

FitPro Training Academy’s courses certify you to the highest level in the UK which is Active IQ (check them out here). We also can guarantee that you will be able to register on the Register of Exercise Professionals a.k.a REPs (find more about them here).

Whether you just want to get on the ladder with the Level 2 in Gym Instructing course found here.

Are you already level 2 qualified? There has never been a better time to get qualified in the fitness industry with a Level 3 in personal training Qualification. This will enable you to work in any gym across the UK.

But if you really want to stand out from the crowd let me introduce you to the;

FitPro Training Academy Elite Diploma In Personal Training.

If you want to gain personal freedom and become your own boss in the fitness industry we will teach you how.  The even teaches you how to land your first client and how to keep them coming back to you. We offer continued support for this so that you so that you have consistent income streams.

This Course is a one of a kind and is only offered by FitPro Training Academy. Unlike other courses not only does it get you the Active IQ accreditation – Diploma In personal training(found here)but the course teaches you how to go freelance or even start your own business.

This course qualifies you, Gives you your very own unique brand, A personalized unique Logo, A Website unique to your business (without the expensive running costs), free domain name, professional e-mail, a business toolkit that equips you with all you need to run your very own gym.

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Will Make ItGood, Dream, Photo by Alora Griffiths on UnsplashKid President 

author: Dean Holt


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FitPRO Training Academy is a company that provides training to individuals aiming to become personal fitness trainers. Its main awarding body for the training certificates and diplomas is Active IQ.
Active IQ Centre ID number: 1753.

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