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What is a Personal Trainers Salary?

What is a Personal Trainers Salary? Looking to become a personal trainer? Need that rewarding career but not sure if a career as a PT will pay the bills? This article is written to provide you with solid information about the Personal Trainers Salary. How much does a job in the industry pay? Level 2...


7 Videos for Motivation

Hi¬†PT’s, I’ve¬†decided to give you guys a little gift and group together to best motivation videos that I can find. Bookmark this page and get a boost the next time you need that almighty kick up the proverbial.¬†Enjoy! 1. I Will Make It   2. Why Do We Fall 3.GOOD 4. Remember¬†Why You...


Can You Become a Personal Trainer?

Can You Become a Personal Trainer? Whether you are a fitness fanatic or a couch potato you can become a personal trainer. You just have to decide in your own mind that you can become a personal trainer set your self a goal and go out and achieve it. Being a successful PT is about finding the right n...


FitPRO Training Academy is a company that provides training to individuals aiming to become personal fitness trainers. Its main awarding body for the training certificates and diplomas is Active IQ.
Active IQ Centre ID number: 1753.

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