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6 tips you must follow so you don’t become a bad Personal Trainer!

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Bad personal trainers can initially be difficult to spot to the untrained eye 👀
Are you unintentionally displaying any of these bad PT traits??

Here are our 6 top tips to help you avoid making rookie mistakes and isolating yourself from getting more clients and building your client base or business.

1. Stay off your mobile phone when with a client. Your client has presumably paid good money for your time and expertise to help them reach their goals. Honour your part of the deal by giving them your full attention throughout the session. (This also goes for chewing gum)🤳❌

2. Follow up with your client. A good personal trainer doesn’t forget about their client as soon as they walk out of the door. Check in with them occasionally to see how they are getting on.
If you are setting sessions outside of the gym, make sure you analyse their work and ask for feedback. 📞

3. Your client before you…
Lots of trainers get lost in training their clients the way they like to train themselves. This is a lazy approach to personal training.
Although taking your client out of their comfort zone is a good thing, you should always listen to your client and find out what THEY enjoy and what THEY want to achieve. Spend some time researching ways to achieve this. 🏋🏻‍♂️🏋🏻‍♀️

4. Plan Plan Plan…
There is nothing worse than watching personal trainers bluff their way through sessions.
Spend time planning your clients’ session down to the last rep.
A perfectly planned session is evident to everyone and helps establish trust in the client/trainer relationship. Remember, they have put their fitness goals in your hands! 📝

5. Encouragement and motivation come in different forms what works for one person could offend the next. The loudest PT isn’t necessarily the best!
A good personal trainer will take pride in empowering you, not belittling you. ✅

6. Smile! The clue of this one is in the title “Personal” Trainer.
Nobody wants to spend their money on a PT who doesn’t smile or have those interpersonal skills to make them want to train hard again and again. Be polite, friendly and courteous. 😊


If you are interested in becoming a personal trainer check out our courses page here. Where we offer the highest qualifications in personal training including our Active IQ Diploma in Personal Training which not only takes you from zero to hero in the fitness world it teaches you business skills so you succeed as a freelance personal trainer. For more info contact me here!

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