Personal Trainer Courses Preston

Many companies offer PT qualifications but fail to highlight the importance of the business factor after learners have gained their qualifications. This often leads to newly trained PT’s struggling to find work and not reaching their full potential.Our Personal Trainer Courses Preston is a cut above the rest.
personal training courses preston

Personal Trainer Courses Preston

At FitPro Training Academy we are not only the best personal trainer course Preston but in the UK. We recognise that newly qualified Personal Trainers often lack the confidence and the necessary business skills to operate successfully in the fitness industry and as a result, often miss/undersell themselves to potential clients in the process.


At FitPro Training Academy, we pride ourselves on not only providing the certification required to start a career in the fitness industry, but also what to do next, how to use your new qualifications, as well as how to start and successfully run your very own PT business with continued support from FitPro Training Academy; before, during and after your course has finished. Our continued support scheme is designed and proven to MAXIMISE your earning potential as a fitness professional.

Personal Trainer Qualifications Preston

Our ELITE diploma in Personal Training ensures you have all the PT qualifications, knowledge and business tools, including your very own fully integrated, PERSONALISED website, logo, domain name, email address and are highly sought after FitPro Business toolbox along with the self marketing skills to compliment your new qualifications with a highly professional brand image to become successful in a competitive market. No one else can offer this only our personal trainer course Preston!

With FitPro Training Academy

Our Elite Diploma in personal training is the COMPLETE package, which arms you with


Business Skills

Sales/Online Marketing Knowledge

Office tools

Personal branding & Website

Continued support to ensure you SUCCEED

This will make you a LEAD CANDIDATE for any job opportunity in the fitness industry, preparing you with all the tools and knowledge required to hit the ground running on your very own business venture.


Our flagship package will make you a LEAD CANDIDATE for almost any job in the fitness industry or prepare you wih all the skills along with continued mentorship to start your very own SUCCESFUL Personal Training business venture.


All our tutors are Ex military who have been trained to an extremely high level of excellence within the forces and have gone on to create their own successful businesses within the fitness industry. Our professional tutors use their expert industry knowledge and experience to ensure you are fully equipped for a successful career as a fitness professional whatever your chosen path.

At FitPro Training Academy, we GUARANTEE to help you use your new qualifications to MAXIMISE your earning potential in the fitness industry.

We look forward to helping you achieve success.

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FitPRO Training Academy is a company that provides training to individuals aiming to become personal fitness trainers. Its main awarding body for the training certificates and diplomas is Active IQ.
Active IQ Centre ID number: 1753.

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