Image of a PT working out with her client
How To Set Up A PT Business

How To Set Up A PT Business

Image of a PT working out with her client

Are you ready to start a successful personal training business? Do you want the freedom of working for yourself while doing something that you are passionate about? If so, then now is the perfect time to learn how to set up a PT business. Whether this idea fascinates or intimidates you, following these simple steps will help ensure that you have all the tools and resources necessary for creating an effective and lucrative endeavour. 

With some hard work, dedication and knowledge of best practices – like knowing which personal training courses to take, or how to register your business – knowing how to set up a personal training business in the UK is easily within reach. Let’s dive into what it takes to get started.

Take A Personal Training Course

Starting a personal training business could be one of the most rewarding career paths. But in order to become a successful personal trainer, you’ll need to equip yourself with the right qualifications and knowledge. 

Taking a personal training course is an essential step in this process, as it provides you with the necessary technical and practical skills needed to operate your own business. 

Not only will it teach you key principles such as gym instructing & nutrition but it will also shape your understanding of the aspects required to manage your PT business, including: branding, marketing, client interaction, and goal setting. With the help of a personal training course, you’ll have all the necessary tools to ensure that your business stands out within the industry.

Register With CIMSPA

To ensure you create a professional, safe, and high-quality working environment for your clients, it is important to register with CIMSPA. The Chartered Institute for the Management of Sport and Physical Activity recognizes qualified professionals and guarantees that members have access to high standards of development and training to provide their customers with excellent service. 

By joining this organisation, you’ll not only have peace of mind in knowing your qualification is valid, but you will also receive useful information about upcoming training opportunities. Joining CIMSPA is an essential step when setting up a personal training business; doing so will mark the beginning of achieving success in your chosen career path.

Get Public Liability Insurance

Taking out public liability insurance should be a must-have so you can protect yourself and your business. This type of insurance helps cover personal injury, property damage or any other losses that could occur while going about your profession. Not only will having this insurance help keep you and your clients safe, but with many businesses now looking for trainers and equipment to be insured before they offer contracts, it also gives current and prospective clients the peace of mind needed when deciding who to go with.

Get A Business Bank Account

Starting a personal training business requires many steps and there are several important considerations. One of these considerations is setting up a business bank account so that you can easily manage your finances. This makes more sense than using a personal account because it provides the necessary separation between professional and private funds. With a business account, you can keep track of income, fees, taxes and other costs associated with running a business. Opening an appropriate bank account also makes it easier for clients to pay for services by credit or debit card. By setting up the appropriate banking structure from the start, you’ll have less hassle when tax time comes around as everything will already be organised and easy to understand. 

Register With HMRC

One of the first steps to get started is registering with HMRC, as this is essential for anyone who is self-employed. Not only does this ensure that you’re officially recognised and up-to-date with tax payments, but it could also open the door to benefit from helpful business advice and resources offered by HMRC. Plus, when everything’s registered correctly, it future-proofs you in the event of any future audits or complaints; having a paper trail is always beneficial.

Research Your Target Customers

Launching a successful PT business begins with understanding what people are looking for. Setting aside time to research your target market is a crucial part of the process, as it will help you become more informed on what customers in your area value and desire. Understanding who your services appeal to and how you can position yourself is key to capturing potential customers’ attention and earning their trust. Additionally, engaging in market research will design important characteristics of your business such as branding, pricing structure, quality of customer service, etc.

Create Your Brand

One of the essential steps is to identify your brand – a strategy which sets you apart from the competition. It means creating an unforgettable identity that your clients will recognise. Branding the business starts with creating a powerful logo and website, along with video content, social media presence and more. Once you’ve invested in the right materials, you’ll create maximum impact and ensure your services are loyalty remembered by current and potential customers. Focusing on your unique brand will provide clarity for your target market, show off what makes you special and help differentiate you from other trainers in the industry.

Find out more about creating a PT brand through our Elite Diploma Course.

How To Set Up A Personal Training Business

Setting up your own personal training business can be a great way to become your own boss, set your own hours, and make a difference in people’s lives. By following these simple steps and putting in the hard work, you can be on your way to owning a successful personal training business.

At FitPRO, we’ve developed the Elite Diploma & several other personal training courses to help you succeed as a personal trainer. Our comprehensive training and support package provides all the practical skills necessary for you to start building your business towards its maximum earning potential.

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