Taking the plunge and starting your personal training business is an exciting journey. Whether you’re a fitness enthusiast who wants to share your knowledge with others, or a certified professional wanting to turn your passion into success, becoming a personal trainer can be rewarding work. 

Nailing that first consultation is key; it’s an opportunity for potential clients to get to know you and begin understanding how they can achieve their desired fitness goals alongside you. As such, making sure each initial meeting runs smoothly will help build trust between both parties and can ultimately determine whether or not you bring on those individuals as loyal clients over time. Here we’ll cover some tips to ensure smooth sailing during that all-important first client consultation.


How to nail the first consultation

Whether you’re starting out in the industry, or a seasoned pro, those first consultation nerves hit us all the same. And a lot of PTs fail to neglect one key skill among formulating workout and nutrition plans and that’s honing consultation skills. 

Fortunately there are some things you can focus on to make a positive first impression, nail that first client consultation and all importantly, secure a long term client.


Plan in advance

Planning ahead can be a game changer for personal trainers trying to make a good impression with their first client consultation. By gaining as much information about the client in advance, trainers can tailor the conversation to their specific goals and circumvent misunderstandings. This can be done by sending a questionnaire via email in advance this should give you a good grasp of what the prospective client is looking to achieve.

Additionally, making sure that beforehand any necessary paperwork is filled out can save precious time during the session itself, allowing more of it to be dedicated to forming a relationship with the individual and exploring their unique needs. 

It’s also beneficial to create an agenda before the appointment, so that there is a clear direction of where things need to go and how best to cover all material. Planning ahead doesn’t only allow for smoother consultations – it demonstrates attention to detail and commitment on behalf of the trainer, which often leaves favourable impressions on current and potential clients alike.


Break the ice

Breaking the ice is a great way for personal trainers to make a positive impact on their first client consultation. It shows the client that the personal trainer is human and personable, which helps build rapport quickly. Depending on the client’s personality, breaking the ice could be as simple as sharing an interesting fact about themselves or asking a light-hearted question. 

If done right, breaking the ice allows the conversation to flow easily and can keep both parties engaged in meaningful dialogue. This not only gives them an opportunity to get to know each other but also provides the trainer with valuable information about their potential client so they can create an effective fitness plan for them.


Discuss goals & challenges

Good communication and an understanding of their needs and goals are key. As a personal trainer, discussing challenges and goals with your client is an important part of helping them reach their desired fitness outcomes. A good consultation will involve listening to their concerns, assessing the client’s health and fitness, laying out clear expectations and action steps, as well as properly setting expectations. Showing the client that you understand their individual needs helps build trust, motivating and inspiring them to reach their goals more quickly. 


Discuss goals & challenges

You need to make sure that you’re able to demonstrate your expertise and set the bar for what you are capable of doing for them. Showing your expertise from the get-go is an important aspect in developing a successful relationship. In order to do so, it’s beneficial to provide tangible evidence such as certifications, specialised training, diet plans, etc. You can also create visual aids like videos or demonstrations which clients may find helpful. 

Also consider setting realistic expectations – this will go a long way in painting yourself as a knowledgeable and professional trainer and leave them feeling comfortable moving forward with you as their trainer. 


Follow up

Following up with a personal training client after the first consultation is key for successful client-trainer relationships. Creating positive communication with clients will help build trust and loyalty in working together. By showing that you care, it helps the client to stay motivated while they achieve their goals. Moreover, checking in after an initial session demonstrates your commitment to their progress, which can also help them to stay on track with their own personal objectives. It shows that you have a genuine interest in them succeeding, which will encourage them to continue to work hard and stay focused, resulting in long-term success for all involved.


Get clients for personal training

The first personal training client consultation is crucial in order to build trust and show that you are the best person for the job. By following these tips, you should be well on your way to success. Remember to be prepared, listen more than you speak, and offer solutions that fit the client’s needs. 

At FitPRO Training Academy, our focus is to not only train and develop personal trainers with the skills they need to help their clients achieve their fitness goals. Our personal training courses are designed to equip PTs with the right tools to communicate with clients, manage their business and sell their services effectively. Get in touch to find out more.

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